Well we have now been in the ICT PD contract for two terms...

What are two applications you have learnt so far...?

Shaun ~ Comic Life/Picasa
Linda - Picasa/Comic Life
Robert Photo Story/Picasa
Grant - Photostory/
Kelsi - Photostory/Picassa

Has being involved in the contract made an impact on your teaching? What has changed?

Shaun ~ haven't done enough teaching to notice a difference
Linda - More excited with what we can do in the future for learning/teaching.
Robert I have used Picasa for board presentations, big push will be in term 3
Grant - excitement with the trial and error of the new programme
Kelsi - because some of the children had training for Photostory they were able to train up other children in the class and to summarise this terms learning the children chose to use this. It has been a lot easier to integrate in the classroom because of this.

What is your favourite 'education' application at this stage?

Shaun ~ Joomla
Linda - Picasa
Robert - Picasa
Grant - photostroy used in close-ups and scanning the planets
Kelsi - not really sure about the 'education' part but have had most contact with photostory so that is my favourite at the moment.