Please fill the table in below...

The Good Things
Would be better if...
Worth thinking about...

We know our programme
is successful because...

new sports teams
Perhaps more skill based activities regularly, such as catching/throwing/finding space on a court.
Development of health delivery guidlines
Excellent Swimming results
successful basketball team

Swimming - the children are progressing well in this area. Well supported.
Great that we have a basketball and netball team.
Lots of support from parents.

Regular fitness times.
Children that are not swimming need to be supervised well or given work to do.

More resources for all students. To replace old equipment.

Making sure our pyhsical eduaction programmes covers all strands and is taught on a cycle.
Children are learning skills that they need.

Two great team sports that will help develop our students more in the big wide world. ie competition. Commitment from staff is strong from coaches of teams.

For room four the children are enjoying regular activities that are teaching them general well-being.

Hop Scotch is fun

Need to spend more money on Ball Sports
Term One Cricket (when it was still happening)
We had more sports days combined with other schools.
More sport focus sessions like with the Cricket, but also with other sports.
School Overview of what we want to be covered in each year level both for PE and Health, so that we can give children a bigger range of learning experiences as we know different sports or health topics will be covered in different years.
Year level checklist of some basic skills we think should be achieved.
A list of PE equipment that we have would be good, as a lot of things are tucked away in the PE shed.
We are doing well at swimming and do reasonably well in the cross countries but apart from that, who knows?

That we now have two school
teams representing us in different
Some more resources that have
good 'team' games in them.
Maybe a year long review showing what
we are going to cover and when.
I question whether the physical education in
planned at retreat has really been taught or cover, or
is effectively covering what we need. (ie Shaun mentioned
need for ball skills etc)
Our swimming programme success
is shown in the swimming sports results.

Other than swimming, I really don't think about it. I attempt minature health units based on the inquiry topic or something happening in class. However, a long term goal or direction doesn't really exist for me. Fitness is 20 min per day on Monday and Tuesday (based around team/group activities).
Our community is happy and the children have avenues in which to learn and practice the goals of the PE/Health document.