What is an RSS Feed and how can I use it...?
An RSS Feed icon.
An RSS Feed icon.

An RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) brings any changes or newly generated content on a website or blog to your attention, without you having to go to the website to see if cahnges have happened. Watch the video bellow to see how they work...

Office Outlook 2007 allows RSS feeds to come dirtectly to your Outlook Account

  1. Right-click on the RSS Feed link (look for the orange icon above), and then click [Copy Shortcut].
  2. In Outlook 2007, in the Navigation Pane, right-click the [RSS Feeds] folder,
  3. and then click [Add a New RSS Feed].
  4. Press CTRL-V to paste the RSS Feed Uniform Resource Locator (URL) : eg: http://www.microsoft.com/ into the New RSS Feed dialog box, and
  5. then click [Add].

If you still have questions click on the link below to complete Microsoft's Training , it takes about 20 minutes.
How to set up RSS Feeds in Outlook

If you have a google account go to reader.google.com and follow the instructions to set up a feed from the TVNZ.co.nz website.