Remember/think about for next time
  • Well run, with a good balance of down time for the students and activities.
  • Venue is good.
  • good parental help
  • all teachers involved
  • Tekapo was good
  • Not enough to do at Tekapo OR we spent too long there
  • Students having to be sent home
  • lack of sleep
  • fizzy for supper
  • juniors only day visitors (all come)
  • more singing
  • correct amount of time away (2 nights are sufficient)
  • the camp programme flowed well toegether from event to event.
  • Well shared out load of activities and programme amongst staff.
  • Perhaps an extra activity or rotation if we go away for the day> was too much time to swim and skate.
  • Perhaps have one or two small group times discussing some spiritual / Bible devotion together (quiet time in a more personal group setting)

  • Plenty of time for students to relax.
  • A variety of activities for all ages.
  • Lots of supervision from adults.
  • Ratio of adult to child great (water).
  • Camp venu excellent.
  • Tekapo trip was good fun.
  • Duties for children well planned.
  • Prehaps another activity at Tekapo.
  • Would like short staff prayer times.
  • fizzy too late at nightime.
  • It would be good to give points or a reward for the best camp booklet.
  • juniors going out for the middle day of camp.
  • Was a good opportunity for the children to mix and mingle with other age groups.
  • End of camp clean up was quick
  • Parents were involved lots more in camp and helped out
  • Fantastic camp venue
  • Children had to be sent home. Stronger expectations needed to be set at the beginning.
  • We need to have a clearly stated cut off date and stick to it. Parents need to learn to respect the deadlines that have been set.
  • Would be good to have the seniors more involved in organising and running things, for example music, devotions etc.
  • Right length of time. Good transitions. Well organised. Enjoyed outdoor activities surrounding Raincliffe. I liked having the nights off.
  • Did not like Lake Tekapo activities. Skating dangerous without helmets. Pool boring after 30 minutes and this led to problems.
  • Oldest in cabins should be of reasonable age or all the same age..all 6 year olds together, 7 year olds together.
  • Diet has to be watched (time of food etc.)
  • We are getting to the size where two camps (Year 1 to 4) have day camps and Year 5 to 8 have overnight camps.


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